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Thanks for visiting AutoMax Inc. Our dealership sincerely wants to help you establish and/ or enhance your credit through the purchase of one of our fine vehicles. We have partnered with multiple Nationwide Financial Institutions that will not only provide financing for your next vehicle, but also report your payments to all three major credit agencies. This means when you make your payments on time, your credit is working for you and not against you.

Here at AutoMax Inc, we pride ourselves in helping people to establish and enhance their credit regardless of their past history. We will work with you to make your next vehicle not only one that fits your personal needs, but also fits your budget so that making payments on time is not a problem.

We offer More Cars for Less Down, More SUVs for Less Down, More Vans for Less Down & More Trucks for Less Down.

Guaranteed Credit Approval with Extended Warranties up to 4 Years!

Please call us today at (856) 414-1400 to set a time that works best for you to stop by AutoMax Inc and pick out your next vehicle. 

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